Rukmini ITI Trade Theory pdf Book – Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 download

Rukmini ITI Trade Theory pdf – Hi students welcome to ! Are you looking for any ITI Trade theory pdf book like the Rukmini ITI Trade theory pdf.

The ITI Trade theory books under the Rukmini prakashan are very popular among ITI students. Not only the ITI students, but Rukmini prakashan books are also famous among those students who are preparing for RRB Railway exam and other ITI trade based government jobs exams.


Today in this post we are going to provide you Rukmini ITI Trade theory pdf book (Vol.1 and Vol.2) which you can download in your mobile or computer. If you are an ITI student or preparing for the RRB Railway exam, then this Rukmini ITI trade theory book will definitely help you.


Subjects discussed in this Rukmini ITI trade theory pdf


* Trade introduction
* Hand tools
* Metals, non metals, alloys
* Gauge
* Marking tools
* Screw threads
* Pipe fitting
* Sheet metals
* Cutting tools
* Lifting appliances
* Welding


Diesel mechanic/Automobile/Tractor mechanic/Mechanic motor vehicle
* Engine mains parts
* Engine operations


Electrician/Instrument mechanic/Wireman
* Electricity concepts
* Cell and battery
* Magnet and electromagnet
* Alternating current, Polyphase system
* Electrical measuring instrument
* DC Generator
* DC Motor
* Transformer
* Alternator
* Illumination


Electronics/Mechanic radio and TV
* Semi conductor diode
* Logic gate
* Digital systems


Rukmini ITI Trade theory pdf book details

# Book name – Rukmini ITI

# Publisher – Platform education centre pvt ltd

# Writer – Er. S.K. Jha

# Language medium – hindi

# Format of book – pdf file


Rukmini ITI Trade theory pdf VOL.1 – Click here to download 


Rukmini ITI Trade theory pdf VOL.2 – Click here to download


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