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Indian National Movement PDF – Welcome to ! Today we will discuss the INM (Indian national movement) which is a History GK part. Major questions comes from this topic in every competitive exam and govt jobs exam.

Indian National Movement PDF, Indian National Movement mcq

The Indian national movement can be categorized in different era. Some of the important time period during the INM are –

* Swadeshi & Boycott movement…

* Anti partition movement

* Home rule league movement

* Bal gangadhar tilak’s league

* Annie beasant league

* Khilafat non-coorporation movement

* Civil disobedience movement

* Quit India movement

Here we have collected an Indian National Movement pdf File for you, which carries all the important Indian National Movement MCQ questions answers helpful for competitive exams.

Some of the popular National Movement MCQ which are discussed in this pdf file are-

# Who opposed Gandhi ji’s Satyagraha against Rowlett act – Annie Besant

# Which place witnessed the worst scenes of violence in the Rowlett satyagraha – Punjab

# Indian independence league formed – 1942, Singapore

# Who was the president of 1936 All India Kisan sabha – Vidyanand

# First operational commander of INA – Mohan singh

# Total number of resolutions adopted by 1st congress session – 9

# 1st president of INC – W.C. Banerjee

# Novel ‘Train to Pakistan’ written by – Kushwant sing

# Tebhaga movement was in which state – Bengal

# Indian independence act passed on – 14 July

# Who was the viceroy during the simla conference – Wavell

# The interim cabinet headed by – Nehru

# First deputy PM of India – Sardar vallabh bhai patel

………. the rest you will get in this pdf file

You can download this Indian National Movement pdf File free of cost in your mobile or computer. This will be the best source if you are looking for Indian national movement Notes.

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